Cubby's Going Home

Cubby’s Going Home

The name Cubby’s Going Home started with the logo where a cub is seen from the back walking into the sun. We wanted a name that told another part of the same story and after several failed attempts our American friend Jennifer tweaked one of our ideas into Cubby’s Going Home. Which felt like the name we had been looking for all the time.

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Living Identities & Characters

The perfect identity character have a simple, minimalistic appearance, like a logo. It should be combined with a more complicated personality and story. True identity characters are surrounded by myths, memories and relations in order to build your identity into something unique and special. Something that makes you stand out, glow, and strengthens your advantages.

Miss B'Head

Miss B’Head

Miss B’Head has a very complex personality with an artistic drive to express her own identity as an art of life and afterlife. She’s often engaged in ectoplasmic performance and installation artworks featuring her head in multiple instances and exploring its beheaded relation to her body.

Little Bear ONEEYE

Little Bear ONEEYE

Our little bear lost an eye and became Little Bear ONEEYE. Thinking, the universe must be bigger than this, Little Bear ONEEYE left home one day and took a space rocket to the stars.

Cute Skulls

Cute Skulls

According to one legend Cute Skulls was born from a voodoo ritual in the Caribbean which went wrong. With the intention of creating the most deadly pirate monster, a ritual was performed with the pirate flag and a bottle of poison as the main ingredients. There was just one problem…

Cutout Triple Miss B’Head Ghosts

Cutout Triple Miss B’Head Ghosts

Download and print your own free cutout Triple Miss B’Head Ghosts. You can print as many copies as you like, if it’s for your own personal use and fun. Instructions 1. Click on each picture to get a downloadable and printable jpg-picture in international A4 format. 2. Print 2 copies of each on stiff white […]

Cubby and small redblue trees for cutout Cubby diorama

Cutout Cubby – print, cutout and glue a Cubby diorama

Download and print your own free cutout Cubby diorama. You can print as many copies as you like, if its for your own personal use and fun.